South Africa

A dreamy riverine paradise – this part of the Wild Coast is reminiscent of all things wild and the 360-degree views and tropical all-year-summer climate entice you to pause and linger, jump in the nearest hammock and hide away at this peaceful spot. This tiny little village, that claims its name from the river on which it lies is just a short tar road drive from East London and gives easy access to the Wild Coast’s trademark mix of natural splendour and rural Xhosa charm. Meeting the locals is all part of the fun of discovering this region and you’ll soon appreciate the charm and quirks as you become accustomed to the different clicks in the Xhosa language. 

This southern gateway to the Wild Coast is most famous for its wide, never-ending beaches (15 glorious kilometres worth, to be specific), fringed by sand dunes, a lagoon and dense indigenous forests. It goes without saying that the area is much loved by surfers and hiking adventurers. Birdwatchers are in for a treat too as the Cintsa River, which spills into the warmer Indian Ocean, offers the perfect spot to find a feathered treasure. Chintsa town straddles the wide Cintsa River mouth and, although it is a favourite destination among travellers, it maintains a laid-back vibe. The rustic area is free from the regular distractions of tourist trafficked spots. The beach is perfect for lazy all-day picnics, long walks, fishing and swimming and you’ll usually only share the beach with a handful of people, or local cattle.