Coffee Bay

South Africa

With every kilometre you travel through the Wild Coast the landscape gets wilder. From gorgeous rolling green hills to cliffs that drop dramatically onto pristine shores, snaking river estuaries and vast wild beaches, this area is an enchanting place to explore. You'll be surprised to meet the local beachgoers; herds of cattle wasting their days away on the sandy shores.

Contrary to its name, this rural village has never produced a single coffee bean in all its history. It’s a simple tale of an unfortunate ship who lost her load of coffee beans back in the 18th century. 200km north of East London and situated around a river mouth, this is one of those places that will stick in your mind as being absolutely magical. The coastline is untouched here. Coffee Bay has a rustic little village of quirky lodges and backpacker spots, beautiful swimming beaches, and a handful of laid-back pubs.