South Africa

Situated in the diverse Lowveld area of South Africa, Nelspruit is full of surprises. This 100-year-old city showcases the true diversity of the Lowveld, boasting a spectacular man-made rainforest within the Lowveld botanical gardens. The powerful Crocodile River flows along the western side of the gardens and provides a natural spectacle as the water cascades down a granite gorge, leaving a trail of mist in its wake. The rainforest is home to 850 different tree species and over 240 bird species, providing the perfect tranquil space to chill out and reflect on the beauty of nature. The region also boasts the Sudwala Caves, offering a system of over 30 kilometres worth of caves, dating back millions of years. You can also see San art in the middle of one of Nelspruit’s suburbs! All-in-all, this little city is a treasure trove of history and nature, you’ll love your stay.