Northern Cape

South Africa

Being South Africa’s biggest province, it’s no wonder the vast plains of the Northern Cape Karoo seem to pull you in as you pass by. Taking up nearly one third of the total area of South Africa, the Northern Cape is packed with quirky hotspots and unique experiences. From the Big Hole in Kimberley to the Eye of Kuruman - a natural spring that delivers a whopping 20-30 million litres of crystal clear water per day - the Northern Cape is sure to inspire! In the months of Spring, nature puts on a phenomenal show when the seemingly barren Namakwa erupts into bursts of colour as a carpet of wildflowers covers every inch of the ground. Astronomers are in for a treat at the South African Astronomical Observatory, which plays home to SALT, the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere, able to see light so faint it would be the equivalent of a candle on the moon! Marked by vast flat Karoo plains, the Northern Cape also offers substantial farmland as it feeds off of the mighty Orange River which borders the province to the North. An undiscovered wonderland just waiting for you to explore.