South Africa

Majestic oaks line the main streets of this pretty wine town, earning it the stately moniker: ‘The Town of Oaks’. Stellenbosch is South Africa’s second oldest European settlement - a university town-cum-local-escape-cum-tourist-mecca where wine, food, farm life and stately Euro-culture meet and meld in the afternoon sun.

Established by the governor of the Cape (Simon van der Stel) in 1679 on the banks of the Eerste River, Stellenbosch with its rich soil, was essential in producing vegetables and wine for ships stopping off at the Cape.  Today, this elegant town is still supplying the nation, with streets packed with restaurants, bars and eateries, with menus which blend local delicacies and stunning produce into foodie art.

Stroll down memory lane in the narrow, historic streets flanked with stately Cape Dutch, Georgian and elegant Victorian architecture, dotted with curio shops, antique stores and art galleries that invite lazy exploration.