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Due to the rapid decline in active COVID cases in Aftica from June 2022, South Africa's minister of health has scrapped more Covid-19 safety regulations as from Wednesday, 22 June 2022; ending our mandatory mask mandate, limitations on gatherings and registering and checks on travellers coming into the country.


Safety first

Our number one priority will always be to ensure the continued health and safety of our customers, our team members and our partners. We are committed to the global efforts in containing the spread of COVID-19, and will follow every recommended precaution and preventative guidelines prescribed by our government, the World Health Organisation and the #SafeTravls World Travel & Tourism Council. 






Tour vehicles are cleaned between tours as well as during tours. We recommend having your own hand sanitiser while travelling.



We run small group tours and you can also book a private room package for overnight stay tours or book an exclusive private tour for further peace of mind.



Keeping Safe

Our tour guides are trained in First Aid and informed on all safety policies and protocols in practice. You also have access to our 24/7 office staff support during your trip.

All operations, third-party transport, activity and accommodation suppliers used on tour will adhere to the required COVID-19 guidelines for travel during the pandemic. The protocols will be updated as required on an ongoing basis in line with the risk-adjusted activity allowed and the pandemic status in South Africa. 


Do you need a covid-19 vaccination or negative pcr test to join a tour?

Hotspots2c Tours do not mandate vaccination and you do not need a negative PCR test if you are healthy.
If you have a fever or any other covid symptoms before or during the tour, you may be required to have a doctor clear you before joining (or rejoining) a tour. 

If you are unsure if you need any specific vaccines to enter South Africa (from routine immunisation injections like measels, influenza to typhoid, yellow fever, etc.) you'll need to contact a specialised travel clinic, your travel agent or your local embassy for advice to ensure you take all the necessary precautions to enter South Africa legally. For medical advice you can consult your doctor. Most times some vaccinations are only required if you travel through or from specific countries with a high risk. Many travellers don't need any specific vaccination/s to enter South Africa.

Can I enter South Africa without a COVID-19 vaccination?

Yes, travellers may enter South Africa whether they have been vaccinated or not. Additionally, unvaccinated travelers no longer need to present a certificate of a negative PCR test or antigen test result to gain entry to the country. This information is correct at the time of the last update; 1 Sept 2022.

What if you test covid positive pre-trip?

Sould you feel ill before a tour it is advised to visit your doctor for advise if you should test for covid. Should you test positive it's best to self-isolate and delay travel as symptoms may well develop, or stay at home until you have recovered from COVID-19. You will be unable to join your trip with a positive covid PCR test and we recommend you contact your medical aid, travel insurance, local health department and health care provider for further medical assistance and advice. We highly recommend you obtain travel insurance to cover unplanned situations connected with travel; including sickness, injury, trip delays, changes to your tour plans and/or loss or personal property. 
Your doctor will need to clear you for permission to join a tour again after your feel better a week later.

Flexible booking options

We know plans can change easily. Our flexible booking policy simplifies date- or name change booking updates.

You can book with confidence by knowing that your payment with us is protected and bonded with SATSA. For more flexibility our bookings also offer the following:


Keep a space for 24 hours ( up to 7 days before trip )


Only a deposit needed to reserve advance bookings


Free changes possible as per cancellation policy


Payment deposits are gauranteed and bonded


Full payment only due by payment deadline


Interest-free partial payments