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Africa Select Luxury Group Tours offer set departures, a guaranteed window seat, micro group tours, carefully selected luxury accommodation, and a relaxed pace with stops at curated local hotspots. In essence, you’ll get all the perks of a luxury tour, without the hefty price tag. 


Relaxed pace

Plenty of me-time to immerse yourself into the surroundings you'll explore on tour

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Window seats come standard on select luxury group tours' transfers in our own vehicles 

Micro group

Maximum 8 passengers per vehicle on select luxury group trips, except shared activities 




As a bespoke luxury group option, Africa Select Journeys offers a premium small group experience with a difference. These curated journeys are aimed at the distinguished traveller who is not interested in the fast pace of a standard group tour, and has an affinity for the finer things in life but still enjoys the idea of travelling in a smaller, more intimate group. This ensures less time wasted on waiting on the large group and more flexibility and me-time to truly immerse yourself in the environment and enjoy the journey.